This is a sad attempt to get people to comment more… SO COMMENT!!

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Alright…. This is an attempt to make people start commenting more, so QUESTION TIME!!!!

1)      Does anyone else besides me sleep in late to continue a super awesome dream? I know I do, because recently, I discovered that my mind will only show me a dream if I don’t really NEED the sleep. So I’ll wake up from my actual sleep, and then I’ll start imagining something that I want to dream about. I’ll fall asleep, but my mind won’t be to out of it to actually show me what it’s thinking. And the thing about dreams is that you don’t really have all that much control, it’s your brain that has the lead. Whatever your thinking gets twisted around and presented by  your brain. Which is cool, I like my brain :)

Anyway, Do you sleep in late to continue a super awesome dream? Or would you rather be in the real world. To those of you who have to get up to go to school or a job, do you set your alarm clock for another 10 minutes?? Yeah, that’s what I’d do

2)      I know this is un-original, but do you like Coke… or Pepsi?                                                                        (I like Coke, but I don’t like it often, only once and a while, I think Pepsi is to sweet L )

3)    Mortal fears, for me… PLANES!!! There like giant hunks of metal! How am I supposed to be convinced that there safe and this all isn’t some international joke. Planes ARE scary! Didn’t I learn in school that only certain animals can fly? Can metal fly? I think NOT!! And those of you who have been to collage and studied some form of science that told you WHY planes fly, yeah, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!! So don’t try and convince me, I know that they can actually fall apart. You know when you’re on a plane, and your getting ready for take-off? You know when the plane accelerates? Have you ever heard the NOISE it makes? Metal bending and threatening to snap, wings bouncing up and down not even considering how the motors feel. I know the motors can fall off to, don’t tell me they can’t. It happened once! Don’t believe me… yeah, ask GOOGLE!! Google doesn’t lie. Anyway, what’s YOUR biggest fear? I swear that if half of you say something like spiders or snakes, I’ll be like “REALLY?!” and you don’t want that.

4) Do you like Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, or Safari better (And I’m sorry if there was another one that I didn’t know about) I like Fire Fox because it has Google, who tells me what the day is, AND makes cool pictures out of its name on holidays. It also has a fox made out of fire which is just to cool for words.

5) What is your favorite song? I don’t have a FAVORITE song, because mine switches around a lot. Once I’ve listened to a song one too many times, it loses its meaning, so I have to pick another song. Right now it’s probably Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight. But I’ve been listening to music nonstop for a while, so it might get old soon.

6) Have you ever traveled outside of the United States of America? If so, where?

7) Name the farthest you’ve ever been from outside your hometown. Even if it’s just to the town next door, it’s still traveling, so how far away from home have YOU been?

8) This is hard, I don’t want to get to ten, those of you who think I should write more questions, you can say that if you comment, otherwise… I won’t write a post like this again. Because it’s hard, and I don’t want to keep thinking of questions.

9) I came up with more, what’s your favorite book?… me… City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (It’s a series)

10) What’s your favorite movie?…  The Lion King… SUCH a good Disney movie

11) What’s your favorite show on TV?… errr….  Maybe The Simpsons? I have no clue

Anyway, I’m all done, so you can answer a couple of these if you want, and if not, then I banish you. The whole point is to comment, so if you don’t comment, you get banished… alright? Remember, you don’t have to answer all of them, you could just answer one, but you have to comment, it is mandatory unless you like being banished from places. Which is no fun.

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  • David Manglass says:

    This is my comment.

  • We are a family of four with two teens just beginning to plan our RTW trip – hopefully departing August 2011. We are following your site and adventures with great interest. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Maurizio Gagliardo says:

    Bella you cwazy!! That’s why I love you!!

  • Yuval says:


    The answer to questions number 1 – 10: yes, banana, cool airplanes (close your eyes and imagine that you are on a magic carpet), Firefox, but I am testing Chrome (made by Google), depends on the mood and language (English, Hebrew, French, Arabic) and do not forget the time of day ;->, I have traveled to many places during my life from South Africa, Europe, US, Canada, Mexico, I also like many books — David Eddings (US), Cornilia Funks (from Germany), and few others from Israel, For Movie, I like Aladdin — Maya & I watched it for Movie night and it was fun, for TV show…. “The Big Band Theory”… a funny show for Geeks.


  • Brittany says:

    I have only travelled outside of the United States to go to Mexico, but I live on the border pretty much, so I don’t count that. BUT, I’m planning my trip to India right now! I’m very excited. Still trying to find exactly what I want to do while I’m there. Actually, I was the one that posted on facebook, and someone said to email you. I’m not sure you got my email though because hardly anyone ever does, its weird. But any suggestions or tips are great. Thats why your blog or blogs I suppose, are so helpful and inspiring for me. Thank you for doing what you are doing!

  • AJ says:

    I love to fly it is so amazing to see the world from such a different POV,(point of view). The first time I was up in a plane it was a small plane and I thought it was so awesome to look down and side the landscape. Sorry you are so afraid you are missing out on the wonder of it.

  • Emily says:

    Funny!! That dog looks just like I feel today… TGIF!!!
    How are you darlin’?

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    great!! that dog was the only thing that looked both funny and reasonable enough for my standards. I hope you feel better!

  • Kathy says:

    Dear My Bella,

    That puppy is ALMOST cuter than Zuckie Bean! NEVER WOULD I LET HER OFF A LEASH. You are very funny! How is your life? We still talk about you and your family all the time. I miss and love. I’ll check your blog every day, because I just retired from the day care. (Theresa I need to talk to you).

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    This is Teresa. We miss you and think of you often, Kathy. Send me an email with your phone number and I will call you. The kids can’t believe that you retired – what will the next generation of kids do when deprived of your love and care!? It pains us to think of it!

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