Some of my favorite pictures from Kolkata

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It was heartwarming to see all our younger travelers interacting with the kids and youth that we were working with. These experiences will last them a lifetime. I am taken back to some of the scepticism early on about taking the kids on this trip. These pictures put paid to the idea that the trip would be a negative for them. I only wish that more people could experience what they have. The world would be a better place. – Doug

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 | Categories: India, People We Have Met, Uncategorized



  • Very excited to have stumbled on your amazing website! What a cool family. The very best to you and your endeavors! (I will definitely retweet your project information.)

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Thanks, Melanie! We appreciate your help in spreading the word. I just checked out your blog and I love it! …especially the part about a minimalist lifestyle. One of the biggest lessons of this trip is that there are many other points of view and ways of living than what is “typical” in the Western world, and that we do lose out on many things if we put too much time and energy into “stuff”. We’ve seen so many people in different cultures who are very happy with almost no material possessions.

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