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So much has happened in the last week.  We moved out of our house – most of our things sold, but some put in storage for when we return.  We kept what we could fit in our backpacks…well, in the rush of everything, we kept more than could fit in our backpacks and then spent the next couple of days ditching things until we left for Russia with just a few too many things.

We weighed our packs at the airport – most were 9 or 10 kilos, but mine is 13 (plus my camera, laptop and other things that were in my carry on bag).  I wonder why mine is so much heavier??  I have the many things that are for the family, like medicine, chargers, adapters, etc, but not all of it.  I will have to try to lighten my load some more as we go.  Just the short distances that we have carried our backpacks so far have convinced us that we need to have fewer things!  We tried to pack light from the start, but some of us were more successful than others :-)

We ended up having to check our luggage on the way to Russia as the limit was 8 kg.  We would try to lighten up to that to avoid checking in the future (no, our backpacks did not make it to Russia when we did), but on our next flight (to London in about a week) the limit is only 7 kg.

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