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After rushing around, we were picked up in the car and taken to CNN, only when the driver dropped us off, we found ourselves in a mall, with nothing that looked like the CNN studio.  We found it a few doors down, waited for ID’s and were told to go upstairs.

Upstairs they said, in no hurry, that someone would be right with us.  That is when we were met and everything changed – we were clearly in a big hurry.  They rushed us to a make up room, threw some make up on me and the girls, rushed us to a studio and plucked us down in a couple of chairs.  They asked questions and it seemed that none of the info we had sent had made it to the right people.  Last names were wrong,  they thought Bella was speaking instead of Meagan, and they were clearly annoyed that we have so many different last names.  They asked about the correct make up of the groups of two we were to be interviewed in.  Groups of two?  We thought they were interviewing four of us together.  How could they do us in groups of two and have it make sense?

We asked about this and about whether it was live or to be taped.  Our hosts looked at us with puzzled looks and rushed Jennifer and I to a couple of director’s chairs.  They put microphones in our ears and left.  Mine blared the voices of Don Lemon and a person he was interviewing.  There was a television screen in front of us and you could see and hear the half second or so delay between when people spoke and when the sound.  I wondered how I would be able to speak well when my voice would be repeated very loudly in my hear a half second later.

The clock in front of us showed large red numbers and we wondered when we would be on, whether it was live, how they would do us in groups of two and if the questions would be asked via the earpiece.

Eventually, we figured out how to get the earpiece to a less painful volume, they sat Alex and Meagan down in the studio next to us, Don Lemon said hello through our earpieces and we went on live, correspondent style, with each of the four of us in boxes on the television screen.  We settled down and answered questions, the interview flew by and we were done and out of the studio.  We aren’t sure how it came out, but are getting a copy to post on the website soon.

Boy, this trip is coming with more new experiences than we imagined.

Thanks to those of you who saw us on CNN and logged on to the website.  Some of you even made contributions to the project and we are very grateful for that.  We will put the funds to good use!  Please follow us and see how much good your contributions will do for others.

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