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We can’t believe we’re back already either!

The year flew by.  We were touched by the people who followed us, supported us though all the ups and down of travel, and encouraged us to keep going.  Thank you!

In case you missed it, click here for the Globe article

We’re grateful to writer Joseph Kahn, not just for his great article, but for sharing his knowledge of volunteer, travel, and families doing out-of-the-ordinary things to try to help others.  He helped me (Teresa) learn the importance of the process and of involving the kids in all the decisions.

You can help us this year!

Donate today and Doug Tilden (RTW with Us’s fearless President) will double it!

We’re adding a program for kids in the US this year. Doug is so excited about the Globe article, all that we accomplished last year, and what we can do together going forward.  So he’s promised to personally double all donations that we get from now until September 15th.  So click here if you want to donate and double your impact!  Thank you, Doug!

Continuing RTW with Us??

Yes, of course we’re doing more projects this year!  We could’t help ourselves.  You inspired us.  The people we met inspired us.  How can we NOT keep this going??  As you can imagine, it’s hard to narrow it down when you’ve worked with so many great people doing amazing things…so…we actually plan to do even more this year…

so what’s the goal??

$225,000…plus an after school program for kids in the US…yes, it’s a big goal!

But you can help us.  We saw it last year…$5 make a huge difference.  It buys a pair of shoes, school supplies for one kid.  When you put lots of $5′s together, you get a library, or a well, or even a school.  Well, actually, you gave all of those things last year, plus a whole lot more!

Help us by volunteering!

We need help, especially with our goal of putting together a program for kids here in the US.  You can also help by lending your expertise in education, global issues, learning from travel, volunteering, writing, graphics design, fundraising, grant writing, etc.  Please let us know if you want to help.

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  • warren salinger says:

    Love what you’re doing -read about in the Globe article: worked all my life in international development (now ret’d) and currently lecture on World Affairs for Holland America Line.
    Very interested in your program matching US inner-city kids with those in cities in the “Rest” of the world; live in the Phoenix area – lots of Hispanic kids who need some help. Former
    (20 years) Development Director of Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Any way you could use me? Warren Salinger

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Absolutely!! So great to hear from you, Warren. I’ll send you an email. We’re trying to put together a kit for educators and others that can be used as an after school program and for boys & girls clubs / other organizations / youth group activities. (I’m teaching a social justice class at my own UU church this year.) We’re thinking fun stuff to teach about other cultures, get kids involved in global issues, and show kids how powerful they are to make a difference – not only for others, but for themselves. Would LOVE to have your help with that!

  • Timothy Gilbert Wilkins says:

    Teresa -
    You have become such an amazing person – and what you have accomplished is truly what you were destined to to achieve. Continue to rise to the challenges before you. God Bless – Tim

  • I’m a little late to the party, but I read the link to the article in the Boston Globe. You guys have a great program. Providing kids with the opportunity for a global perspective opens up their minds to not only various cultures, but a world of other possibilities. Kudos to you! Blessings :)

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