A day in New York City and traveling round the world (on a whim?)

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We had a great time in New York City.  I have been there many times for business as well as some family trips, but this time it had a whole different feel.  It felt more like being there as tourists, and we enjoyed spending the time together exploring the city in a different way.  We were also spending time with Meagan’s mom Becky, Jonathan and his two daughters Rachael and Jennifer.

The first day, we rushed around getting ready for CNN (more about that in another post), and taking care of last minute tasks – Alex needed glasses and his appointment to get them earlier in the month had been cancelled in favor of doing and interview with the Boston Globe.  So, as often seems to happen, we were scrambling at the last minute and I took him to Lenscrafters with just enough time to get back to the hotel, freshen up a bit and  get picked up by a driver for CNN.  In the meantime, Doug scrambled at the hotel to get info to CNN that they needed and get our passports, which had just made it back from the Consulate in the nick of time for us to leave for Russia the next day.  Thank goodness for Doug!

I wonder if you are starting to get a feel for our family lifestyle.  For so long, we have suffered from having way too much to do and limited time that we tend to rush from one thing to the next.  I sometimes realize the stark contrast to some other people’s styles – ones who live a more orderly life.  This happened when I told Alex and Bella’s dad that we weren’t going to his town – Newburgh, NY – where my Dad also lives – to say “good bye” because we had to head to NYC a day early to try to spread the word about “Round the World with Us” on CNN.  I asked if maybe he wanted to come to NYC (and hour and a half drive, or a ride on the commuter rail) to have breakfast or lunch with the kids before they left.  “Going to NYC isn’t something you just do on a whim”, he said.  I thought about how we decided to travel around the world – not exactly on a whim – but not too much different either.  Yes, we planned for fifteen months, but the initial decision, I confess, could be classified that way.

I’ve thought about this many times before, as I changed jobs, reached for a new goal, got myself and my family out of less-than-ideal situations in the past when I knew a change would be of benefit.  The first few changes in my life occurred without me taking much notice of them.  Then I noticed that I made more changes than the average person.  Sometimes I very much admire the consistency of the lives of others around me who hold more steady and sometimes I like that I am willing to make changes to do something out of the ordinary.  Maybe I will figure it out one day and know that the way I live my life (and how it affects my kids and others) is the “right way” for me and for us.  Or maybe one never completely figures that out and there is no “right” answer.

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  • David Manglass says:

    The thing to realize is that some folks never do anything on a whim. The size and scope of your whim is just a testament to your courage and imagination.

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Thanks, Dave! We all believe in that and are excited about the adventure, but we got some negative feedback on the Globe article that made us feel a little bad. But one thing I try to keep in mind is that we already made it possible for a community to build its own community kitchen and day care and there will be more of that, so some people will definitely benefit from this, even if other people may think the whole thing is crazy. All of life has some craziness in it, the trick is to try to make something good out of everything. I can’t thank you enough for your support – it means a lot to me.

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