Teresa Keller – Executive Director

Teresa Keller has always had a passion for education and learning about other cultures.

However, as a young adult, Teresa chose the pragmatic route and chose to major in the field of accounting as a way to insure success in the job market and in the ability to support her family.  She began her career as an accountant for a non-profit health care organization.  But she soon discovered that the down side of having a steady accounting job is that it proved to be less than fascinating.

She went on to become the CFO of a private secondary school in upstate New York, where she could also teach and therefore have an impact on the lives of young people.  At Kent School, in Kent, CT, Teresa formed the first Kent School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America and witnessed the incredible capability and creativity of students who are provided with high expectations and opportunities use their talents.

When relocating to Boston, she found the perfect opportunity to combine her business and strategic management skills, passion for education and raising cultural awareness, and desire to help others.  Six years ago, she became CFO of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).  AIA has over 200,000 members, 107 chapters across North America and abroad, and a magazine with a readership of approximately 750,000.  As Teresa took on responsibility for many of the AIA’s outreach programs she moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer, and in 2008 she was elected Executive Director.

In order to spend time with her children exploring and learning more about the world first hand, and apply her skills in education, strategic management, and fundraising to more humanitarian efforts, Teresa and her family went on the year-log adventure and service trip you can read about on this site.

Now, Teresa is working with Round the World with Us to bring that type of experience to other youth by matching up teams of students from schools and organizations in the US with those in developing countries. With the support of adult facilitators, the students receive training in leadership and management. They identify, create and manage their own community service projects.


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