Youth Development Programs – India


Location:  Kolkata (Calcutta)

Project Type: Youth Development Programs

People Served:  Currently several hundred youth per year

Project Cost: Target contribution from RTW: $ 50,000 per year

Timeline:   Ongoing

Project Description:

Round the World with Us is partnering with Children International.  This partnership results from our experience with C.I. during our year long volunteer activities.  Children International’s base is its 75 years of operating sponsorship programs for disadvantaged children. They now operate in 11 countries and currently have 340,000 children in their sponsorship programs.

From this solid platform of sponsorship; Children International has developed a suite of programs designed to provide youth with life skills and create opportunities for them to move beyond the “cycle of poverty”.  These programs focus on leadership, self reliance, literacy, health, social skills and life management tools.  The aim of the programs is not only to provide youth with tools to develop as individuals but also to create social awareness and have the youth become agents for change in their communities. 

At RTW we have visited these programs in six of the countries where Children Inetrnational operates.  We have found their programs to be consistently delivered and universally empowering.  A team of leading U.S. educators has evaluated these programs and published a report rating these program as exceeding the capacity and results of programs in many if not not most U.S. schools.

Only a small percentage of the 340,000 sponsored children have the opportunity to participate in these programs.  RTW is committed to working with Children International to increase the availability of these programs specifically in India.  RTW founders participated in the development of a new community center in New Delhi to serviced a large relocation community. Our goal is also to help extend the programs to  the Bawana relocation community. 



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