Well for a Village Caring for HIV+ Children


Location: Nyumbani Village, Kwa Vonza, Kitui District, Kenya

Project Type: Community Development, Health

People Served: Up to 1,000 orphans and 100 grandparents

Project Cost: USD $10,000

Timeline: October 30th, 2010

Community Contribution: Community members will utilize the well and grow fruits and vegetables that will help feed the children of the village. They will also maintain the well after its completion.

Project Description:

The Nyumbani Village is made up of elders, who each care for 8-10 orphaned, HIV+ children. The members of the village are dedicated to providing the children living their with a supportive living environment, education, health services, and love.

The addition of a well to this community would provide them with a convenient source of water and allow the villagers to farm fruits and vegetables by serving as a source of irrigation. This food contribution will help provide the children with proper nutrition and support their health as they grow.


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