Kitchen for safe house in Peru


Location: Piura, Peru

Project Type: Community Development, Education

People Served: 107 Children between 6 and 17 years old

Project Cost: USD $30,400

Timeline: September 15th to December 15th

Community Contribution: Materials, medicine, food, clothing, training of employees and maintenance for the home.

Project Description:

The Madre del Redentor home for abandoned and abused children provides a place to live and learn for 107 children.

Unfortunately, the home itself has fallen into disrepair due to neglected maintenance over the years, and many areas are unusable. To improve the condition of the house and the situation of the children living there, the organizations Tierra y Ser and  Hijos de María Inmaculada y Corredentoras de Piura have partnered with Round the World with Us to renovate and improve the building and provide a new kitchen.

Not just a kitchen…a source of revenue and life skills

Tierra y Ser will not only build a kitchen suitable for preparing food for so many children, but they will use industrial equipment that will allow the girls and the nuns who take care of them to begin a catering business that will provide extra income to the home and job training for the girls.

The kitchen was made possible by an extremely generous donation made by the Gugelmann Family in honor of Lily Cuculiza de Schafer.

Lily has worked tirelessly throughout her life to improve conditions for people in Peru, especially children.  She cares so much about the girls who live in this home and the kitchen will be named in her honor.


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