Let’s help teenagers at Nyumbani make a difference in their village!

Your gifts will allow the teenagers at Nyumbani Village to build a chicken coop for every home in the village – one hundred chicken coops.

Not only will this project increase the amount of protein in their diet, but they will develop a source of income that the new blended “families” at Nyumbani can use for necessities like shoes. The teenagers are also learning a trade they can use to make a living once they become adults and leave the village. Chicken coops are being designed and built by the teenagers with the guidance of their teachers and will be constructed from local materials. The teenagers are also creating a community education program to teach best practices in chicken farming to the families.

Families in the village are made up of ten children who lost their parents to AIDS and one elder who lost his or her children to AIDS. They come together and love and help one another through a very difficult time. They are provided with schooling, food, healthcare and other support by Nyumbani. The goals of the orphanage is to raise happy, healthy children who will grown up to become independent adults who are capable of taking care of themselves and giving back to the wider community. The orphanage / village is completely environmentally sustainable and is working to become financially self-supporting through sustainable tree farming, creation and sale of bio-fuels and other income generation. Nyumbani is a wonderful, replicable model for taking care of the people left behind by a generation nearly wiped out by the AIDS virus.

Check out this video we made while living at Nyumbani and celebrating Thanksgiving with them. Their smiles will bring joy to your heart!

We’ve partnered with Nyumbani on a series of projects to help them become self-sufficient. 


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