Three libraries in Laos


Location: Laos

Partner: Room to Read

Project Type: Education, Literacy support

Project Cost: USD $12,000

Timeline: April 2011

Community Contribution: Helps select materials, provides staff support, and provides a connection to already existing community centers/schools.

Project Description:

In partnership with Room to Read, we will be supporting the creation of three small effectual community libraries. The goal of these centers is to inspire children to pursue a life of literacy by providing a collection of engaging, educational materials. Our funding and volunteer power will bolster the efforts and greatly improve the educational opportunities; they will generate a rare and precious learning environment for children living near the libraries.

In the creation of such an environment, the local schools and educational administration will find a new support beam on which to build the infrastructure of their curriculum. Thanks to your support, the communities receiving the libraries will be able to improve their educational system in spite of economic and/or social challenges.


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