Reforestation and Wood Farm


Location: Losirwa, Munjere, and Makuyuni Maasai Villages, Tanzania

Project Type: Reforestation, Community Development

People Served: 3 Villages

Project Cost: USD $1,088

Timeline: December 2010

Community Contribution: Volunteering to plant and care for the trees as well as tend the tree farm in the future.

Project Description: In an attempt to offset some of the emissions we’re putting into the atmosphere by traveling the world, we’ve partnered with Trees For The Future to plant between 45,000 and 60,000 trees in 3 separate communities in Tanzania.  Trees For The Future works with people globally to restore degraded land to sustainable productivity through planting beneficial trees.

We will be planting 15,000-20,000 trees each in 3 villages: Losirwa, Munjere, and Makuyuni Maasai. The trees planted will be both in a standing wood lot and near farms to help with soil and provide food for livestock.


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