Ian Tilden School in Cambodia


Location:    Choam San District,  Preah Vihear Province,  Cambodia

Project Type: Community development, Education

People Served: 110 Students

Project Cost: USD $19,000

Ongoing Cost:   $4,000 per year.

Update on Project: July 2013

The school has now been in operation for over two years.  The border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand, which interrupted school operations, has subsided with external mediation.   RTW is maintaining a relationship we the school. We have funded solar panels to provide electricity for additional computers for the school.  We are continuing to fund instructors in computer training.  The computers are a platform for enhanced learning in several subjects.

Original Project Description:

Timeline:  The Ministry of Education has completed construction of the school!  We committed to the funding well before we set out on the trip and now we need to raise the funds to reimburse the construction costs to fulfill our commitment and hopefully raise enough to add a computer lab and other “extras”.  The school is opened October 2010 and we will visit and name the school in March 2011.

Community Contribution: Community members will help care for and maintain the school building. Qualified teachers and school directors will educate the students there.

Project Description:

There is not enough access to education in Cambodia

For many of the children living in villages in Cambodia, school is a dilapidated wooden building that lets rain and wind in during the school day. Many children have to walk an hour or more to get to school, and the poor conditions of the school itself inhibits their ability to study well and receive an education. For still others, schools is simply a far off dream.

Your funds will be tripled thanks to our partner charity, Cambodia Schools, and the Asian Development Bank, working in conjunction with the Cambodian Ministry of Education

In partnership with the organization; American Assistance for Cambodia, we will be funding a lower secondary  school in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia on the northern boarder of Cambodia and Thailand.  The school is 400 kilometers north of the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.  American Assistance for Cambodia is an internationally recognized non governmental organization.  Since 1997 they have helped build over 450 schools in Cambodia.  They have developed strong relationships with the Cambodian Ministry of Education as well as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.  They are able to bring in matching funds for school projects from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.  We are very pleased to be partnering with them on this project.

In addition to the construction and costs of the school we hope to raise enough for a computer lab, library, English teacher and other “extras”.  We are also working with several organizations to have school supplies provided to the school.

The need for schools in the Preah Vihear Province is acute. The people in this area have suffered terrible tragedies and it is time for something positive.

Due to an ongoing border dispute between Cambodian and Thailand their have been large numbers people displaced in this region of Cambodia.   In the late 70′s over 40,000 Cambodians were expelled from Thailand.  The UNHCR estimates that between 3,000 and 10,000 of the refugees died in the expulsion which involved the refugees climbing down steep cliffs and crossing border minefields.  The majority of the refugees went to Preah Vihear Province.  Preah Vihear in Cambodian means “sacred sanctuary”, an apt name for this place of refuge.

The border dispute continues to the present with the focus of territorial claims being the Prihar Vihear temple which is on the border.

The school you are helping make possible is a brand new school, allowing children who did not previously have access to school to get an education.

We will name the school in memory of Ian Tilden, the son of Round the World with Us president and cofounder, Doug Tilden. Ian left this life at an early age after a troubled period of  adolescence.  Ian touched many lives positively and was particularly great with children.  His memory will kept alive in the hearts of the children that will pass through this school.  This would have made Ian happy.


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