Peer to Peer Health Education, India


Location: Calcutta, India

Project Type: Health, Education. Leadership Training

People Served: 2,500

Project Cost: USD $10,500

Timeline: January 2011

Community Contribution: Community leaders will select the youth who who will receive leadership training and health and sex education.  Community youth are the ones who will ultimately make a difference in the education of their peers.

Project Description:

We are working with Children International to expand their health and sex education program at the CI-Sahey center in Calcutta.  Their experience has shown that peer to peer education works best in this community for this kind of information. CI-Sahey staff will work with community members to select youth who have the potential to be leaders and have the aptitude and personality to teach health and sex education successfully.  30 youths will be trained in leadership and teaching skills and will receive an education in important health and sex education issues that they can pass along to others.  They will be mentored throughout the process and results of the program will be carefully evaluated.

We will live in the community and volunteer at the CI-Sahay center for one month.  Besides the program for which we are raising funds, there are many different programs in which to volunteer, from the administration aspect of CI, to vocational education, to a medical clinic.  We will blog about what it is really like to live in the area and show how these programs are giving people opportunities they would not otherwise have.


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