Computer Lab for Orphanage


Location:  Maria Theresia,  Stara Zagora,  Bulgaria and a second orphanage tbd

Project Type: Orphanage, Education

People Served: over 100 children who are living at the orphanages

Project Cost: USD $5,000 for two computer labs

Project parter: Blagotvoritel Foundation

Timeline: September and October 2010

Community Contribution: Community members have succeeded in securing software donations from Microsoft. They will ensure that the web club is well-used by the children and maintained properly.

Project Description: The staff at Maria Theresia run an orphanage for children, ages 5 to 18 years old. They provide food, shelter, and a nurturing environment in which children  can live and work on improving their skills in order to be successful once they are able to leave the orphanage.

Although the children already receive education at school, they do not have enough access to the internet and therefore can feel very isolated from the world around them. In addition to the social implications of their technological limitations, without internet or computers the children miss out on developing skills that would help them receive jobs and start successful adult lives.

Our project will fund the hardware for a computer lab to be installed and managed by the Blagotvoritel Foundation which will provide computers and internet access to the children at the orphanage and improve their chances of finding work and developing technical skills.  This will help them to live more independent, successful lives in the future and allow them to connect to the world around them.


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