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Nyumbani Village children

Round the World's model is built on the premise that everyone can make a difference. A small contribution channeled into sustainable projects can have sustainable impacts that reach far beyond the initial contribution.

This is the story of how one young student and her school decided to make that difference is people's lives half way around the world. The story is in Eliza Oakley's own words and tells of how it came about that she and the Alameda Community Learning Center made this happen:


During my senior year of high school I decided it would be a new interesting experience to intern for a non-profit organization. I mainly wanted to intern for a business like this because during my junior year I worked with a school group that focused on showing kids how they can help people in their communities as well as others. This inspired me and even made me want to start my own non-profit organization and help other people in the world. Though I am only just out of high school I am still interested in helping others and this year while interning for Round the World With Us, a project was identified to raise money for children in Kenya, who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and to give them shoes and school supplies so they can regularly attend school . I saw this as an opportunity to combine making something happen that positively impacted people's lives and to have some fun at the same time.

During my senior year I was appointed Dance Committee President, and at my school it is a tradition to have a formal dance at the end of every year. This year I made the formal dance a fundraiser and donated half the proceeds to the children in Kenya. Raising the money was a lot of fun and it really made me feel like I accomplished something and helped people that really needed it. I would love to do something like this again, the feeling of helping someone other than myself is a rush that cannot be described. I would love to continue raising awareness around the bay area. I am totally devoted and willing to take the time and effort to help those in other countries. Round the World with Us has taught me that anything is possible and that if you really want to get something done you can do it. These are great life lessons to know and I believe that this experience has taught me a lot and will stay with me for a very long time.

Eliza Oakley

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