A Christmas Story With A Twist

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Now that I’ve got your attention … I’m a’ gonna turn this post into an ADVERTISEMENT!!
Christmas…a magical time where you get all the presents your little heart desires, making people happy, giving and getting everything you little heart could dream up. Although, for some people, Christmas is a time of dread, you just CAN’T find that perfect gift for that special someone.
You search and search, but it’s nowhere to be found. Finally, you find it, a back scratcher for you chicken-poxy girlfriend, who just CAN’T reach that certain spot on her itchy back. She asks you to do it, but you don’t want to get the chicken pox. The perfect solution is sitting right in front of you, and perfect timing, it’s Christmas Eve. You run to the check out, and ask where the back scratchers are. The clerk states “Sorry sir, we’ve just run out,” in a snooty voice and snickers.
“Can’t I just have the one on the display?” you plead.
“Pfft, we need ONE for NEXT year.” he sneers “guess you’ll just have to find another gift for Christmas”. Then out of the corner of your eye, you see the person who has the last back scratcher, your ex-girlfriend.
You walk up to her and ask “Tina, can I…” You can’t just ask her for her back scratcher! “…just say, that I’m sorry.” Nice save!
“Eww, get away from me I’m with Chad now.”
“But I NEED a back scratcher, and you have the last one!”
“So WHAT! Chaddy-pie went camping and got bit by a bazillion mosquitoes, I don’t want to itch him, he’s just so HAIRY!”
“NO! I need this back scratcher more than you need to itch your back hair!”
“But Tina!”
“Good night!”
And that’s that, the most perfect present has fallen short by an inch. You sulk home, knowing that your girlfriend has gotten you the perfect present, and you have NOTHING. She’s been in Africa for a couple months, in an exchange program. You search the web for SOMETHING, but nothing seems of interest.
You find ONE website, www.rtwwithus.org, where you can adopt any project for any amount of money for anyone. There was a part where you had to put a picture, so you put Sarah (you Girlfriend) with her Christmas hat on if front of the Christmas tree. You add the holiday wishes “Merry Christmas Sarah! Hope you like your present!” and send it off. You then write a card to Sarah and place it on the Christmas tree.
The next day, you wake up and see one present, and your card. Sarah was sleeping (she’s drowsy because of her chicken pox) so you decide to wait on the couch. You accidentally fall asleep, and are awaken by Sarah shaking you and saying “Wake UP! It’s Christmas it’s Christmas!” She has her Santa hat on, and she has red specks all over her face. You walk to the Christmas tree, and open you present. It’s a candle, actually, a scented candle. It’s the scent of Peanut Butter, the only thing you’re allergic to.
You smile and say “Thanks! Just because I can’t have it doesn’t mean I can’t smell it! It’s JUST what I wanted.” You peck her on the cheek.
She replies “That’s JUST what I thought you’d say!” and reaches for the card. She opens it up and it says:
“Dear Sarah,
I know how much you miss Africa and I figured for this Christmas I’d get you something different! Check the computer to see what it is!”
She opened the computer, and saw her very own page. It showed her in her Christmas hat in front of the Christmas tree. You had donated for the reforestation in Tanzania. You donated one hundred dollars to the project. “Oh my Gosh,” says Sarah, “I LOVE IT!” She squeals and jumps into your arms.
This, my friends, is a lot easier than staying up till 11 at night, trying to find a back scratcher for your girlfriend. So donate, and get the PERFECT present for Christmas, instead of getting a Peanut Butter scented candle that you boyfriend is allergic to.
PS This isn’t JUST for Christmas people, silly gooses! It’s for Hanukah and Kwanza and any other holiday you can think of!! Yeah holidays!!!

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Posted on: November 25, 2010 | Categories: Economic Opportunity, Education, Global Issues, Projects, Traditions



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