Kosta Angelov, Bulgaria

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During our stay at the Maria Theresia Home in Bulgaria we met many interesting people.  Since one of our purposes is to help people understand other cultures, we saw this as a prime opportunity for an interview!  We chose to interview Kosta, one of the older boys, with the help of our awesome friend/translator Hristo.  Here’s the interview:

Teresa (RTW): What’s your name?

Kosta (K): Kosta Angelov

RTW: How old are you?

K: 15

RTW: How long have you been at Maria Theresia?

K: 10 years.

RTW: What were your first impressions upon arrival at Maria Thersia?

K: I was treated very well.

RTW: Do you like it here?

K: Yes!

RTW: Have you been in any other homes?

K: No.  I’m lucky to have only been in the one with a great reputation.

RTW: What is one thing you would change here if you could?

K: Nothing.  Everything is good.

RTW: At what age do you leave Maria Theresia?

K: 18, but you can stay if you are 20 if you get special permission.

RTW: What do you want to do when you leave Maria Theresia?

K: My dream is to travel.

RTW: Where?

K: Mexico City and London!

RTW: What do you want to do for work?

K: Football! J

RTW: What are some of your favorite activities and interests?

K: I like football, computers, Michael Jackson, and music!

RTW: What do you think of your school?

K: I just barely started this year (at the high school) so I’m not sure yet.

RTW: Where did you go before that?

K: School #10 (the local elementary/middle school)

RTW: How did you like it there?

K: It’s not very good.  The teachers don’t really care about the work you do; they just hand out the grades.

Thanks to Kosta for letting us interview him, and thanks to Hristo for translating for us!

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