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The best of the best – projects for next year

We learned a lot traveling and volunteering – working with some of the best non-profits in the world.  Now were selecting the best of the best to work with in the next year.  You can be sure if you donate to these projects that you’ll be making a real difference.  100% of you donation goes to the project itself.  We pay all administrative costs out of our own pocket.

Getting connected

The best part is that we want to connect kids from the US with kids from the countries where we worked.  We’re talking a safe, closed community network where teachers and kids can get to know each other, and the cultures they live in.  We learned a lot from traveling, and now we want kids from different countries to get a taste of that same experience by interacting and working together on some interesting projects via the web.

Fun, fun, fun

At Round the World with Us, we’re working on developing and after school program of fun activities kids can do to celebrate different cultures, learn about world issues, and most important – DO SOMETHING about it!

Do you want to travel and volunteer around the world?

We’re also developing an on-line resource library for people who are ready to jump right in there.  How to find a great volunteer position, how to prepare, how to keep your sanity on the road, even how to select a quality charity if you don’t want to travel half way around  the world, but want to make a difference from the comfort of home.

Got computer skills – cool activities for kids – teaching skills??  Lend us a hand!

We need volunteers to help us pick the right closed community software, get kids connected, develop the after school program and put together and on-line resource library.  Can you help?  If so, leave a comment or send us an e-mail!

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  • Donna Costa says:

    Saw the article in the Globe today and wanted to check your website because our afterschool program (free to up to 24 students recommended by their elementary school in Brockton, MA) plans to do two new programs this year:
    1 is kind of an Around the World thing where the kids will learn about different countries, cultures, work with maps and have visitors who are from or have visited a country; and
    2 we are using Heifer Project International’s “Read to Feed” program as a literacy motivational tool. Would love to keep connecting. Thanks.

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Donna, That is AWESOME! I’m so happy to hear about your BCC after school programs. You’ve set up some impressive partnerships. The programs you mentioned are exactly the kinds of things we want to help set up and encourage. It would be great if the kids and teachers could blog about their experiences on our website. I’d also love to share curriculum ideas and what works in practice and what doesn’t. When does your program start? – maybe we can visit to do a presentation/activity for the kids. Thanks so much for contacting us!

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