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We were so touched by the outpouring of support from all of our friends and followers for two Round the World with Us projects in India.

The project to help the Dalit people was a great success and many families have received land with which they can earn their own living, as well as help from LAFTI in building decent housing for themselves.  For those of you who might have missed the video about the project, here it is as a thank you video. You have touched the lives of so many who were previously treated as “untouchables” and had to suffer through such hardships and discrimination.  Now they have seen the light of hope and a promise for a better future thanks to your support and the incredible work of LAFTI.

In Calcutta, we taught classes for a month in spoken English, computer skills and video making, arts and crafts, and job interview readiness.  The teens we worked with from various slums and poor rural areas are nothing short of amazing!  With the training that you supported, they are teaching their communities about health care, STD’s like AIDS, small business management, environmental issues and so much more!  This isn’t about a handout to them, these youth are truly learning to help not just themselves, but their entire communities. To name just a few of their programs, they have started fish farms, conducted health fairs, taught about the dangers of early marriage, conducted health workshops, started catering businesses and much more.  You can read more about the CI Youth Council education and training program here.

Best of all, you can hear about the difference your support has made directly from the teenagers themselves.  During our video class, they created this informative and inspirational video about their day to day lives in the slums of Calcutta.  Enjoy!!

Thank you so much for your incredible support.  You have improved the lives of many by providing the tools they need to help themselves!

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