Nyumbani Village Chicken Coop Project

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 Great news from Nyumbani Village about the chicken coop project! The teenagers from the village have been working on this project for many months, hoping that their dreams would come true and enough funds would be raised for them to build the coops. Because of your generous donations, together, we did it!!


The teenagers started by having community meetings and surveying families in the Village about their needs. (Nyumbani creates new blended families of 10 orphans and 1 elder.) They also collaborated online with a team of teenagers in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District just outside of St. Louis (who had developed an urban chicken farming project in their own community) and Dr. Jim Wetzel at Lincoln University, who is an expert in animal science. Anna Dausman, a volunteer in the village, worked tirelessly with the children in Kenya and coordinated the collaboration with MRH School District.


Together, the teenagers developed one prototype after another until they came up with a coop that was economical and functional. They built 100 coops, one for every home in the Village, even making the bricks themselves from local materials. Thanks to you, our dear family and friends, all 1,000 orphans and 100 elders at Nyumbani now have a new source of food and income! We are touched by your generosity and excited by how much of a difference we’ve made together. Thanks also to everyone who donated their time and expertise to the project, including the staff at MRH. It’s truly amazing to see how this community has been positively impacted by linking local youth and students half a world away in Missouri!

Nyumbani Village Chicken Coop Project  sketch of the designcoop on stilts with homemade bricks Roosting boxes in the coop P1140384happy chicken happy about their new coopGoogle Earth picture each little white square is a house

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