Boston Globe Article – Saturday July 31th, 2010

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Thanks to journalist Joseph P. Kahn of the Boston Globe for covering our story.  We had over 5,000 site visits and many donations to the projects for which we are raising money.  You can read the article here:

Courageous or Reckless?

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  • Meagan's Aunt Lori says:

    Your journey is underway. I am so proud of you for organizing this endeavor. I have forwarded a link to The Boston Globe’s article to The Salt Lake Tribune. It would be terrific to drum up support for you local girls, making a difference, on this side of the US. Stay safe and give Meagan a big hug from me. I am so happy that you’ve provided her with this awesome opportunity.

  • Lori says:

    Teresa, I am so proud that you have organized this journey and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Meagan this opportunity. I have forwarded The Boston Globe article to The Salt Lake Tribune and Fox13 News. I would be amazing to generate some local support for a couple of Salt Lake City girls who are making a difference. Stay safe and give Meagan a big hug from me.

  • Jay Hardikar says:

    Hi Teresa,

    It was so amazingly serendipitous when we met you minutes after reading the Globe article about you guys in the Cafe car of the NY-bound Amtrak the other day! Hope all went well with you all in NYC and beyond. What you are doing is a wonderful thing for you and your family, for the people who you ill help around the world, and the people who you inspire by your work! Its attitude to life like yours that makes a difference in the world and shows the world that anyone can make a difference! I had the fortune of having my inspiring moment that led me to start Himalayan Education Foundation ( to help educate the children of a poor, remote, incredibly harsh yet incredibly breathtakingly beautiful region of the Indian Himalayas. My own small children now have gotten a glimpse of how important it is to help people around the world and that if you put your heart into it, you can make a huge different in the life of other human beings. What you are doing is bound to inspire not just your kids but also others who hear your story.

    I wish you and your family the best in your travels. Enjoy every moment of meeting people around the world, sharing their lives, their joys and giving them part of yours!

    If you need ANY help locally in India, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have friends/family who can help in most parts of India.

    Bon Voyage!!

    Jay and Kate Hardikar
    Peterborough, NH

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    It was wonderful to meet you as well. I am interested in learning more about the Himalayan Education Foundation that you started and will check out your website. Can you e-mail me a picture of your family for the “people we have met” section of our website. I think your story will inspire others! We very much appreciate your offer of help in India. We are working with Children International in Calcutta and are in good hands, but you never know. Thank you!

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    It is, of course, a great privilege and pleasure to have Meagan along with us! She is such a wonderful person and enriches the journey tremendously. We will take good care of her! If you could get Salt Lake media involved, that would be a huge help in spreading the word.

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Thank you, Lori. It is so wonderful to have Meagan with us! If you can drum up support from people in Salt Lake, that would be awesome. It does not have to be donations. If you can get people to spread the word, or contribute content to the website, that would be a huge help. Many thanks and a big hug back to you as well.

  • kathleen keller says:

    I am sure sunbathing in Moscow was not on your agenda,what a surprise. The temp. will definitely be in the seventies during the next leg of your trip.
    Wonderful to see everyone on the beach though. Looking forward to all your exciting news.

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