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Holland is a very nice and beautiful  country.  We got to see a lot of cows, sheep and horses. I especially liked the light brown cows and all white cows.  There was also the classic black and white cow.  Holland has some different wind turbines. They were orange and white. They also have some normal white ones.  Holland is also a pretty easy place to get lost in when you’re turning off the highway.  When you’re trying to get to Ikea, forget it.  Holland consists of mostly farmland.  Most of it is corn.  We also saw some horses.  Bella especially liked the Clydesdale we saw. There was also a really cool nuclear power plant that was lit up with lights like Christmas lights.

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 | Categories: Netherlands



  • alex-grandma ollie loved your description of holland. especially the cows.you must have them very interesting since this is your favorite animal. I have seen your pictures and they are beautiful. Hope all of you continue to have a good time especially helping others.

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    You should have seen the cows we saw in the German State of Bavaria – when we stopped by the side of the road, one would look, and then another until the whole group was staring at us – I never saw cows so aware of people around them. That drive was awesome! We will post pictures soon. Just checked into a hostel in Salzburg – they play The Sound of Music every night :-)

  • Julie says:

    The other day I saw a pen that was shaped like a cow and lit up and mooed. And thought of you and your cow collection. :}

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