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I have officially become nocturnal. Those of you who think being nocturnal is fun… it’s not that fun. When humans are supposed to be creatures if the light, and in a week’s time, become creatures of the night, it’s not to fun for them. Especially when they’re trying to go back to the regular schedule, but there already so used to going to sleep late at night, and waking up late in the day. So waking up early in the day is impossible for my tiny mind to comprehend… see how that works?

Oh! Oh! I have a question that I just thought of, do you know the answer? Do mosquitoes’ drink each other’s blood? Or is there some kind of international truce. If they don’t drink the blood of the mosquitoes’ in THAT country, then I think I’ve found a way to destroy them forever.

Step 1) You must evacuate a country

Step 2) Make sure mosquitoes don’t have anything to eat

Step 3) Bring in mosquitoes from another country

Step 4) Watch mosquitoes drink each other’s blood, until only 1 mosquito is left standing

Step 5) Squish mosquito

Step 6) Repeat

Oh yes… victory will be mine mosquitoes’… VICTORY WILL BE HAD!!!

People have found creative ways to kill mosquitoes all over the world. Some use the ordinary fly swatter, others use high tech gadgets. We were at this Mexican Restaurant (we wanted Mexican food) and the waiter guy, apparently he hates all bugs, and feels the need to give them ALL horrible deaths. So he took out this metal fly swatter, but it had a really bulky handle. He was bringing it slowly towards the bug, and I was thinking ‘you’re never going to kill the bug, not if your thinking you’ll be able to kill it like that’. Suddenly, there was a flash and a crackling sound.

Apparently his little fly swatter is electric, so any bug that he might encounter gets not smushed to death, but electrified. I guess the outcome is a little prettier to look at, but do you REALLY need to shock a bug to death? Isn’t that a little over kill? Do we really need to explain the concept of electricity to bugs? I think not. So let’s all go back to the old fly swatter, the one where you have to whack again and again in frustration to get the stupid bug to DIE!!! Or you could all rig a metal spatula and do what the waiter did,

your move.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 | Categories: Economic Opportunity, Environment, Global Issues, Health Care, ideas for educators, India, recreation, Sports, sustainability, Traditions, Travel Tips



  • Julie says:

    If you evacuate the country wouldn’t the mosquitoes follow? How would you prevent that? Also, aren’t they an important part of the frogs’ diet?

  • Bella says:

    Hrmn… good point. Maybe we could place a GIGANTIC heater in the middle of the continent, and then the mosquitoes will go there instead of following us. The frogs had there chance, I asked them nicely if they wouldn’t mind eating a little more, but they refused, and now, they will eat LESS than they planned. If they still REALLY want to eat mosquitoes, I’m sure we can create a genetically enhanced breed that only drinks maple syrup or something. Now THAT’S a good idea.

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