I Just Discovered That My Dream Of Becoming a Zoologist Has Flaws :(

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Ok, those of you who might just happen to be Zoologists, I don’t know how you do it. Really, I was hoping to be a Zoologist myself, but I just don’t see how you people do it! To give you an idea of what I’m studying in K12 (my online school) here is there definition of The 3 Domains of Life:

1. Bacteria:




Gram-positive Bacteria


2. Archaea:



3. Eukarya:












Yeah, even spell check agrees that these words are annoying. It thinks I was speaking Italian. Well guess what spell check? You’re wrong again. That was LATIN. Ever heard of it?

Anyway Eukara, Archaea, and Bacteria are all of the Domains, and all those other names are the 18 kingdoms of life. How am I ever supposed to remember those? I didn’t think that anyone could accomplish a feat such as that.

Out of all of them, Eukara is the one that I can recognize most of the names, then Bactria, then Archaea. I have no clue as to what Archaea’s kingdoms mean, and I do not want to find out. The names are too long, and make no sense.

The only way that I could possibly learn these words, is if I learn Latin, and spell check is telling me that only 5/18 of them are actually English, and all of the others are Latin. Let me tell you now, I’m really bad with languages, but still pretty good. Not the worst though, I can still speak SOME words in Spanish, but not a lot.

A couple days ago, I was teasing my spell check by writing words in Italian, then Spanish, then English, to make it confused of what language I was typing in. I discovered that it actually didn’t know what Spanish was, and thought I was speaking in Italian the whole time. Smushing together all I had ever learned in Spanish, I wrote a paragraph and sat back to see what language it thought I was writing in. When my computer had scrutinized my paragraph for long enough, it decided it was bent on the idea that I was writing in French. I was like “Umm, computer? You’re not even remotely close” Then I typed an evil French laugh, and my computer changed its mind and said it was Italian. COMPUTER, THAT  TIME  I WAS TRYING TO BE FRENCH!! Yeesh.

Anyway, my super awesome Zoologist career seems to be crumbling. All because I don’t know what an Euryarchaeota is, does anyone?

(P.S., I am getting somewhere, I know what  8/18 of the kingdoms are, or have heard them before. TEN MORE TO GO!!)

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 | Categories: Education, Global Issues, ideas for educators, India



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