Glitter CAN Cause Civic Unrest

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Have any of you ever gone to a hotel in India? If you have, it was fine, right? You check in, and go up to your room. Well, have I got a story to tell.

We wanted to stay somewhere else in India besides the LAFTI Headquarters. So we went to the nearest city. We found a hotel, and it had a grocery store and a mall right next to it. We decided to go to the grocery store and get some food like Ramen and chocolate. Nice combination, right??

While we were at the store, Alex went to the toys section and brought back two giant confetti poppers. A popper that was so big that it had a “this is NOT a firework” plastered on to it. It was maybe four feet tall. Alex decided that it would be in our best interest that we explode it in Jenny, Meagan and I’s room. GREAT.

After checking out, Alex, Jenny, Meagan and I, went back to the room and waited as Alex tried to figure out how to pop it. After careful inspection Alex announced “It is time to launch! Turn your cameras ON”. We sat waiting, and waiting, until finally jenny shouts, “JUST POP IT ALREADY” and Alex says “but I’m scared it’ll launch me backward!”, “It WON’T launch you backward, give it to ME if you can’t do it!” “No, No, I’ll pop it now”

So Alex got on top of Jenny’s bed and launched it off.

BOOM!!!!!!!! CONFETTI FLEW EVERYWHERE!! It went ALL the way down our hall and it was a MESS. The next day, Alex got two more and launched those in our room too. *sigh*

Finally, Jenny got fed up walking through confetti and called housekeeping to come clean it up. We waited, and waited, and waited, but still no one came. Jenny called again, again no one came. After that, I decided to read my Kindle. While I was reading, Jenny, Alex and Meagan decided to throw as much confetti as humanly possible off the balcony. Alex looked over to the other balcony and saw that a guy was there and saw what they had done. Remember, I was reading. After that, Alex, Jenny and Meagan ran back inside and decided that my mom’s room was safest. Meagan went up to shower, and Alex and Jenny went up for safety. Again, I was reading and when I read, I only hear the occasional snip its of conversation. I heard Jenny say “Throw it off the balcony” and later Alex said “There was a guy on the other balcony!” and Meagan said “It’s not like they can do anything” THAT would be WRONG.

After a while, I heard knocking on the door. After a quick look around, I saw that no one was in the room besides me. I decided that it was probably Jenny or Meagan coming back to the room. As I was walking to the door, I saw that there wasn’t nearly as much confetti as there had been. Pleased that they had finally gotten rid of it, I opened the door and was ready to praise them.

 I opened the door, and guess who it was… a cop. I stood in stunned silence as the cop stared back at me with a hardened expression. “uhhhh, can I help you?” I asked. The cop pointed into my room and asked what the confetti was. I answered “confetti?”. He again pointed to the confetti and then out onto the balcony. I pretended not to understand. Then I noticed a man next to the cop, he was probably the one who witnessed the confetti throwing. The cop was obviously pleased with himself for finding the guilty party. I was most definitely the guilty party, after all, Jenny and folk didn’t get ALL the confetti, and the huge poppers were sitting less than ten feet from me.

Mr. Cop was getting angry with me because I wasn’t paying attention, after all, I really couldn’t understand whatever he was speaking. I started getting frustrated, and I wiped away my ‘I’m a innocent little girl’ face and replaced it with my ‘angry, who do you think you are’ face. All the while the cop was ranting on about something that had to do with ‘confetti’ ‘you’ and ‘citizens’. I started to get angry and snapped “Go upstairs to my mom!” They probably couldn’t do anything to me considering that 1. I had done nothing 2. I’m 12 and 3. This guy couldn’t catch me if he tried. Then the cop was like “Mun? Mun? Mun?” and the guy next to him looked like he was having second thoughts on reporting a stubborn, young American child, who seemed to have the upper hand. I stomped my foot and pointed at the ceiling and yelled “Go UPSTAIRS to my MOM!” The housekeeping on my floor seemed to have heard my yelling and came over to see what was all the hubbub. They listened in for a while and then one of the girls started yelling at the cop and said something about “Civic Disturbance?!” and “Is she understanding?” and “is a GIRL!” and “leave!” Then she pointed at the door, and all of her friends looked threateningly at the cop. The cop looked at them and then at me and backed away slowly, with his palms facing me, and said “sorry miss, sorry miss” then he turned and left. I thanked the girl who helped me and closed the door. I’m guessing the girl asked if there was a civic disturbance, and by the look on the cops face, there obviously wasn’t. Then she argued that I was only a girl and that I couldn’t cause any harm. Plus if I had done something what could he possibly have done?  

Once the door was closed, I race across the room and looked down from the balcony. I was hoping to see a little pile of confetti at the bottom of the sidewalk. Instead, I saw a truck, absolutely COVERED it confetti, an all around it was a circle of confetti. No wonder a cop was set up  to find the culprit. Who could have POSSIBLY looked as guilty as me? After all, I had the poppers, confetti AND receipt to prove it. The cop had OBVIOUSLY found the guilty party. Even though in fact, I wasn’t guilty and I wasn’t a party!

This, is my story.

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