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Did you see us in the Boston Globe?

This year we’re continuing to support high-impact projects in developing countries – and putting together a program for kids in the US. YOU can help! Doug Tilden has stepped up to DOUBLE donations between now and September 15th. Join us now and double your impact!

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Jennifer and Bella art class
Some of my favorite pictures from Kolkata

It was heartwarming to see all our younger travelers interacting with the kids and youth that we were working with. These experiences will last them a lifetime. I am taken back to some of the scepticism early on about taking the kids on this trip. These pictures put paid to the idea that the trip […]

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Children International: Meeting my Sponsored Children

Meeting my sponsored Children in Calcutta

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evil doggie
This is a sad attempt to get people to comment more… SO COMMENT!!

This is a post of mainly questions that I’m asking to get people to comment. So unless your planning on answering one of them, don’t click on the post. Or you’ll be banished, and I’ll take the doggies leash off, and you don’t want that.

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Security Guard by Night, Environmental Watchdog by Day

Even the people in the village, who have next to nothing, give all they can to help others. We speak with Danlewis, a village security guard who also runs an environmental conservation group to protect the local Tiva River.

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Lessons Learned in Home Care

What happens after to your hand-me-downs after you toss them into one of those parking lot donation bins? I unexpectedly find the answer, and am overwhelmed by the power of generosity as I sort through the village’s donation storage.

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6 facts about Rome

Facts about Rome Italy!!! 1.Around 3,000 euro a day is thrown in the Trevi fountain  and that money also goes to feed the poor. 2.pantheon survived the ages and the Parthenon didn’t make it through the ages. 3. The Parthenon almost made in though the ages and the test of time but it was blown […]

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austria Road Construction noch 4 km
Transportation in Europe

Although I certainly knew that there would be significant differences between America and Europe, I did not count on how different methods of transportation could be. Some things were similar no matter where we went- every city had a metro, for example- but others were surprisingly different. Bikes rule In Amsterdam, bikes were everywhere. Between […]

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Tax Exempt Status

RTW achieves tax exempt status

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