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A student and school make a difference

Round the World's model is built on the premise that everyone can make a difference. A small contribution channeled into sustainable projects can have sustainable impacts that reach far beyond the initial contribution. This is the story of how one young student and her school decided to make that difference is people's lives half way around the world. The […]

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Community Outreach

John Mike is volunteering at Nyumbani Village for six months, and shares his experiences there- from rescue visits for children in desperate need, to sharing a home with kittens, to seeing part of the village on fire.

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A Day of Home Visits

I get to tag along with the social workers of Nyumbani Village for a day, meeting and interviewing orphans that might get to come to the village soon!

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Video: Thanksgiving at Nyumbani – check out the smiles and happiness you spread!

Enjoy the Nyumbani Thanksgiving celebration with us. We can’t thank you enough for making this a reality!

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Security Guard by Night, Environmental Watchdog by Day

Even the people in the village, who have next to nothing, give all they can to help others. We speak with Danlewis, a village security guard who also runs an environmental conservation group to protect the local Tiva River.

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Sunsets, Stargazing, and Scorpions

Read about some of the surprising (pleasant and unpleasant) aspects of staying at the Nyumbani Village in Kenya.

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HI THERE!!WANNA HERE ABOUT MILKING COWS?! I’M THE COW MILKER OF THE CENTURY!! (well, GOING to be the cow milker of the century)

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Lessons Learned in Home Care

What happens after to your hand-me-downs after you toss them into one of those parking lot donation bins? I unexpectedly find the answer, and am overwhelmed by the power of generosity as I sort through the village’s donation storage.

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Nyumbani water
Burning Water Tanks

Alex has found the perfect job at Nyumbani: Helping to construct water tanks!

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Nyumbani school b7
13 hr school day – from physics and math to extracting bull semen

School in Kenya – 13 hrs per day – 12 classes most days – pressure to past exams to continue – biology, physics and chemistry all in the same year – plus you have to know how to castrate a pig and collect semen from a bull – it’s tough!

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Nyumbani school b7

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