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Local girls excited about the new chicken coop!
Nyumbani Village Chicken Coop Project

100 chicken coops have been built by the teenagers at Nyumbani Village in Kenya. They managed the project in collaboration with youth in the US, even designing the coops themselves.

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Funniest archaeology video ever!

George, one of our service learning students, makes his debut as “Archaeology Man”!
Don’t miss this earlier trailer of one of next summer’s biggest blockbusters…

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Stairblock in the Penultimate phase of construction. you can see that we dug pass the last phase of construction to get to the stairblock
Cooking or Sacrificing? – What the Charcoal in Unit B1/B3-3 Can Tell Us

A personal connection – was my great, great, great (add 44 more greats!) responsible for this ancient charcoal pit?

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Belize SL workshop June 2307
Breaking the Ice – Reflections on a True International Service Learning Project

The leadership and service learning training we’ve been doing separately over the past several months with the Belizean and American teens moves into the next stage…meeting in Belize and getting down to business with an actual project. Would they come up with a compelling project to do?

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Stairblock in the Penultimate phase of construction. you can see that we dug pass the last phase of construction to get to the stairblock
Opening a stairblock – just like tearing into presents on Christmas morning!

Why is a Maya stairblock like a present on Christmas morning? The Maya often filled them with precious and valuable offerings and sometimes burials. This makes anyone eager to open them!

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Dougs unit pics 21
Help us solve some of the mysteries at Cahal Pech!

Why is there a floor, charcoal pit, and stela 3 feet above the floor, which indicated hundreds of years after the site was supposedly abandoned? And why are the walls on different sides of the 1,200 year old plaza different when the Maya LOVED symmetry? Stay tuned as we uncover some answers.

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Bungee Thailand5
Bungee Jumping vs. Service Learning

When it comes right down to it, I think they are pretty much the same.

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Mat excavating b1
Video: 6/28/12 another Maya tomb discovered!

Another Maya tomb is discovered and Mat Saunders is the first to retrieve and touch an ancient Maya Vessel to celebrate his birthday!

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Belize excavating week 101
Video: Day 3 of excavating & service learning

another day in the trenches…

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Belize excavating week 113
Video: the excavations and service learning projects continue…

Anther look into a day’s work at Cahal Pech and students working on their service learning projects.

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Belize excavating week 113

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