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Peru community kitchen and day care - 13
Community kitchen and day care in Peru is up and running!

See before and after pictures – you made an incredible difference for $5,000! …watch a short video showing the village and the construction or read about Teresa’s first experience visiting a shanty town…

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Peru community kitchen under construction edited
Anna Davis reports from Peru on the community kitchen and day care

Anna Davis travels back to Tierra Prometida in Ica Peru to document the progress on the community kitchen.

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peru comm kitch Karla coordinating
Anna Davis, RTWwithUs Trustee, travels to Peru to film our first project

Anna gives her first impressions of Peru and travels to the village where we are funding the materials for a community kitchen and day care.

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class project Copra Pachacutec
VIDEO – Construction of Community Kitchen and Day Care in Peru

Anna Davis traveled to the village of Tierra Prometida “The Promised Land” in the district of Ica, Peru to film part of the construction of the community kitchen and day care. Check out the video and get a glimpse of what life is like in this small village. You can also read Anna’s blogs about the people she met under our Guest Blog.

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Corrina proud of her home
Corinna – villager turned community leader in Ica, Peru

Corinna lives in a village in Ica, Peru. She has learned to garden and is proudly sharing her skills with others in her community.

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Children in Peru – including video interviews

Watch videos of children in Peru talking about day to day life. Also read Alex’s report on children in Peru and education, family life, food, water, and marriage customs.

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women outside a community kitchen in a village in Ica, Peru
Please help a village in Peru build its own community kitchen and day care – project cost is $5,000
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children nursery school
A view into poverty in Peru – visiting a nursery school and village

This was Teresa’s first visit to such a poor village. Families live in make shift structures and grass huts, especially since many homes were detroyed in the earthquake in 2007. Read about daily life in the shanty town, meet Corinna, a pillar of the community who shows off her garden for us and even hear about small business in the area – an ice cream man and cola for sale.

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Heading to Peru for a "test trip"

As I teetered under the weight of the unfamiliar backpack at 4 am this morning, Jennifer laughed and said, “Well, it was your idea to backpack around the world!” Today begins a test trip to Peru.

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Peru - new courtyard for playing and special events
Tierra y Ser – Building Schools in Peru

One of the people we met is Erica Shaffer Cuculiza, who has such a bright, energetic, and generous personality. We were very impressed with her work as Director of Tierra y Ser, a non-profit in Peru. Read about their work and see pictures of a school they built and some of the kids they have helped.

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