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Local girls excited about the new chicken coop!
Nyumbani Village Chicken Coop Project

100 chicken coops have been built by the teenagers at Nyumbani Village in Kenya. They managed the project in collaboration with youth in the US, even designing the coops themselves.

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globe cover cropped
Did you see us in the Boston Globe?

This year we’re continuing to support high-impact projects in developing countries – and putting together a program for kids in the US. YOU can help! Doug Tilden has stepped up to DOUBLE donations between now and September 15th. Join us now and double your impact!

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Belize Succotz School 24
What’s new for this year?

Projects for next year? – you bet! But this year is also about connecting kids from across the globe so they can learn about each other, have fun, even tackle projects together. I can’t think of a better way to improve this little world of ours! We’re also developing a on-line resource library in case you want to get out there and volunteer yourself.

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Belize school celbration4
Wow! Look what you accomplished in just one year!

how many trees got planted?? new school libraries? a school? how many teens in Calcutta got potentially life-saving health education? guess how many Thanksgiving dinners you made possible? Read this blog to find out…

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Belize Succotz School 24
Building a school roof in Belize (and having a blast!)

How can you put a new roof on a school, integrate technology with laptops and wireless, create a library and conduct a cultural exchange for very little money? Great partnerships and community involvement! Find out what students in NC and Belize did to make their world a better place.

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ready to step out in SF after an all night flight from China
traveling HOME…well, sort of

Traveling is fabulous…but there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!

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Please help people in Japan recover from the earthquake!

Give $5 to Round the World with Us for Japan Red Cross Earthquake Relief and we’ll send you a super-awesome “We Are One” charity bracelet. Please click “give” on the home page to donate now!

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We are the Bloganthropy Blog of the Month!

During our travel, we have connected with many other travel bloggers online and learned amazing things about both travel and how social media can inspire people to change the world around them. As we travel, volunteer, and blog about our experiences, we hope to give something back to the community that has welcomed us, as […]

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Completed Projects in Cambodia and Laos!

Thanks to your support, we have recently completed two projects in Southeast Asia! We have photos to share of both the new reading room in Laos and the new Ian Tilden School in Cambodia. Both projects are making huge changes for the better when it comes to the education of local children.

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Thank You for Your Support in India!

Thanks to your support, our project to build houses and give land to Dalit people and to help fund the health education program for sponsored children in Calcutta. We have several posts and videos about theses projects that we hope you’ll enjoy!

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