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Wow! Look what you accomplished in just one year!

how many trees got planted?? new school libraries? a school? how many teens in Calcutta got potentially life-saving health education? guess how many Thanksgiving dinners you made possible? Read this blog to find out…

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AMERICA!!! My favorite places :)

I’M BACK AMERICA!!! YOU’RE THE COOLEST! But here are some of my favorite countries. Enjoy!!

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Window of the world

Window of the World is a Chinese theme park that features replicas of famous world attractions like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the grand canyon, and much more! Alex reviews our trip to the park.

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Completed Projects in Cambodia and Laos!

Thanks to your support, we have recently completed two projects in Southeast Asia! We have photos to share of both the new reading room in Laos and the new Ian Tilden School in Cambodia. Both projects are making huge changes for the better when it comes to the education of local children.

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Laos Reading Room Visit

We were able to visit one of the three reading rooms that you made possible in Laos! Thanks for all of your support!

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Laos girl with pigtails smile thumbnail1
RTW music video debut – literacy project – let us know what you think!

Thoughts from the kids on our trip, pictures of our projects, the smiling faces of the children of Laos who will have access to the wonderful world of reading through Room to Read – watch one of the first music videos we’ve made – 2.5 minutes long.

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Laos girl with pigtails smile thumbnail1

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