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New Community Center
Bawana India – .

An appeal for your help !!! $ 25 a month will make a huge difference. order essays Our family has raised the seed money to install a Community Center in the Bawana Relocation Community outside Delhi India. As discussed in the attached article this community was created when underprivileged families were moved out of central […]

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Child in Bawana Relcoation Settlement
Bawana India

Round the World with Us founders, Teresa Keller and Doug Tilden, recently anchored the development of a Children International Community Center in Bawana India as well as an English as a second Language Program (ESL) in 11 CI centers in West Bengal. Teresa and Doug have been inspired by Children International’s youth council and leadership […]

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Belize school celbration4
Wow! Look what you accomplished in just one year!

how many trees got planted?? new school libraries? a school? how many teens in Calcutta got potentially life-saving health education? guess how many Thanksgiving dinners you made possible? Read this blog to find out…

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Window of the world

Window of the World is a Chinese theme park that features replicas of famous world attractions like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the grand canyon, and much more! Alex reviews our trip to the park.

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Varanasi – a surreal experience – podcast and blog

podcast Varanasi – mystical city on the Ganges

Podcast and blog about one of the most mystical places on earth! Travel along with us as we explore Varanasi. Did you know that not everyone can be cremated there? Find out who can be, and what happens to the others.

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Jennifer and Bella art class
Some of my favorite pictures from Kolkata

It was heartwarming to see all our younger travelers interacting with the kids and youth that we were working with. These experiences will last them a lifetime. I am taken back to some of the scepticism early on about taking the kids on this trip. These pictures put paid to the idea that the trip […]

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Indian Culture: 10 Things You Might Not Have Known

From the way people eat to how they drive, a few of the cultural differences between the US and India.

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everyday life podcast kids in class1
A Day in the Life – video made by kids in the slums of Calcutta

The kids in our computer / video class made this incredible movie about their day to day lives and their dreams for the future.

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Children International: Meeting my Sponsored Children

Meeting my sponsored Children in Calcutta

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I Just Discovered That My Dream Of Becoming a Zoologist Has Flaws :(

My idea of becoming a Zoologist seems to be crumbling. All because I don’t know what a Crenarchaeota is. See Mr. Robinson? I can ask questions, unless I’m in a class full of children, then I’ll be quiet. But seriously, what’s a Crenarchaeota?

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