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Belize school celbration4
Wow! Look what you accomplished in just one year!

how many trees got planted?? new school libraries? a school? how many teens in Calcutta got potentially life-saving health education? guess how many Thanksgiving dinners you made possible? Read this blog to find out…

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Window of the world

Window of the World is a Chinese theme park that features replicas of famous world attractions like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the grand canyon, and much more! Alex reviews our trip to the park.

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people weve met Kosta
Kosta Angelov, Bulgaria

Kosta is one of the children we met at Maria Theresia Home. Read our interview with him to find out his opinion of the home, his favorite hobbies, and his hopes and goals for the future!

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Surprising Similarities: Making Friends Despite Language Barriers

We didn’t speak any Bulgarian. They didn’t speak any English. We could barely communicate, and yet I made friends I will never forget. Turns out, I had more in common with the kids from Maria Theresa then I had expected! And it didn’t take verbal communication to realize it!

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Life At Maria Theresa

One of the things I’ve missed the most since I’ve been gone is my siblings.  I (surprisingly) miss watching “the Littles” (my 3 youngest siblings) a few times a week while Mom was at work.  I miss the little things, like listening to Lizzie read, helping Boris when he wants new batteries in his toys, […]

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Maria Theresia thumbnail
Video – Life at Maria Theresia Orphanage in Bulgaria

Watch this video and get an idea of what life is like for children at Maria Theresia Orphange in Bulgaria.

Playtime, mealtime, school, homework, learning English and just hanging out – these kids are adorable!

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Maria Theresia BBQ
Barbecue at Maria Theresia Orphanage

What happens when four teenagers and a mom try to make a BBQ for 80 kids in a foreign country and an unfamiliar kitchen…

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Maria Theresia pic bellas post
Apologies :)

Trying to play soccer with kids who are SO much better than me…our family alone in a kitchen – not a good idea…and other lessons learned at the Maria Theresia orphanage in Bulgaria. – by Bella

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Bulgaria school #41
Video of the Kisil Hristov School in Bulgaria

Want to see what a school is like in Bulgaria?  Check out this video: Thank you to Principal Balukciev for taking so much time to show us around and teach us about the education system in Bulgaria.  We very much enjoyed our visits and thank the faculty and students for welcoming us also.  We are […]

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computers copy
Not just computers…

See a short presentation about the computer labs you made possible. The children get much more than computers, they get computer training, programs to build job skills, a website to connect to one another and participate in competitions…

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