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Six things I've learned after circling the globe with 4 teens

Six things I’ve learned after traveling to 23 countries with four teenagers, living with people from all backgrounds and circumstances, jumpy from a bungee platform, snow skiing in the desert, teaching English to kids living in the slums of Calcutta, etc, etc

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ready to step out in SF after an all night flight from China
traveling HOME…well, sort of

Traveling is fabulous…but there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!

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part II – What it's REALLY like at a Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand

In Part I, the kids and I find out what it is REALLY like to go to an authentic meditation retreat in Thailand. In part II, find out if the kids make their escape. In the midst of Thai chanting, lack of food and 12 hours a day of tedious meditation practice, I make some discoveries.

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Meditation makes me INSANE
What it's REALLY like at a Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand – part I

Fun in Thailand followed by a retreat where sleep deprivation, lack of food, and hours upon hours of chanting and meditation are the norm. Will the kids survive it, or will they make their escape?

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We Need To Get Out More…

US vs Everyone else… the essay How many of you have ever traveled abroad?  Chances are that if you are American you have never been anywhere but stateside, and most likely never will be.  As a matter of fact, only 15-25% (depending on who you ask) of Americans even own a passport!  Comparatively, 60-70% of […]

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Why go to a Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand?

Teresa talks about what she’s learned and likes about Buddhism and why she and the kids decided to spend 4 days learning to meditate at the Wat Mahathat Temple in Bangkok. Next post – how long we survive the grueling schedule :-)

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unlimited happiness1
Happiness on a shoestring

One of the most amazing things I’ve learned is about happiness…now I am trying to figure out how to apply this lesson to my own life. The first in a series of posts about things I’ve learned.

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unlimited happiness1

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