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Visiting Che Chem Ha Waterfall & Cave – awsome sites in Belize

a site worth visiting if you are ever in Cayo, Belize. Beautiful and powerful waterfall, cool birds, animal and plant life, and a Maya cave with artifacts estimated to be about 2,000 year old and a ceremonial chamber

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Six things I've learned after circling the globe with 4 teens

Six things I’ve learned after traveling to 23 countries with four teenagers, living with people from all backgrounds and circumstances, jumpy from a bungee platform, snow skiing in the desert, teaching English to kids living in the slums of Calcutta, etc, etc

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AMERICA!!! My favorite places :)

I’M BACK AMERICA!!! YOU’RE THE COOLEST! But here are some of my favorite countries. Enjoy!!

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Our Motorbike Trip to Hue (or Bust!)

With two hours of motorbike experience, will two 18-year-olds make the ten hour trip to Hue and back in two days? They encounter rain, mountains, terrible maps, and much more on the way!

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New Zealand – where else can you volunteer, hike a glacier and go black water rafting?

Wanna hike a glacier, drop 134 meters on a bungee cord – how about heli-skiing or black water rafting – New Zealand has it all, plus volunteer opportunities galore!

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War Crimes and Gutter Balls

A day of touring around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There’s so much to see and do here- including bowling!

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Indian Culture: 10 Things You Might Not Have Known

From the way people eat to how they drive, a few of the cultural differences between the US and India.

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evil laughing

The mosquitoes will learn, I will show them. I will win the war against mosquitoes across the globe, and I have discovered a way to make this goal possible. So watch out my blood sucking friends, you are about to be annihilated. 8D

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Podcast – behind the scenes look at a poverty in Kolkata

podcast Kolkata 30 Jan 2011

Podcast – get a behind the scenes feel for everyday life in the poorer neighborhoods of Kolkata as we are invited to the homes of some of the CI-Sahay sponsored children. Also, taxis, street markets, Grand Hotel buffet, our English, video and crafts classes and more.

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Our first podcast! Arriving in Kolkata to volunteer for Children International

podcast Kolkata 17 Jan 2011

Our action-packed first four days in Kolkata – visiting the Children International-Sahay sponsorship centers, meeting the children, seeing great performances, dress, internet and cell phone info, visiting the zoo, and teaching our first class, etc.

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teens at CI for thumbnail1

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