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Not Your Average Nose Piercing Story

Getting my nose pierced in India turned out to be much more of an adventure than I thought it would be!

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LAFTI women singing pic1
It’s all fun and games until you accidentally bring on the (heavy, destructive) rains!

What can happen when you don’t know enough about the local beliefs…includes video of Dalit women singing in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Passing out Christmas Cake in my Indian attire
International Wardrobe

One of my favorite things to do when we get to a new place is go shopping for local clothes. Find out what other people wear, and what I’m adding to wardrobe from around the world!

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thumbnail thanksgiving1
Video: Thanksgiving at Nyumbani – check out the smiles and happiness you spread!

Enjoy the Nyumbani Thanksgiving celebration with us. We can’t thank you enough for making this a reality!

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A Christmas Story With A Twist

Find out what the PERFECT holiday gift this season is!

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HI THERE!!WANNA HERE ABOUT MILKING COWS?! I’M THE COW MILKER OF THE CENTURY!! (well, GOING to be the cow milker of the century)

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Getting closer to our food – seeing a goat slaughtered for the first time

I’d never seen an animal slaughtered for my meal before, and it was quite and experience. Learn about the deep meaning applied to this act in traditional Kenyan culture and, for the braver soles out there, watch the video we recorded.

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Nyumbani village shoo shoos1
Surprise talent show at a remote village in Kenya – guess who has to perform!

We arrive at the Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya and are invited to a welcome assembly – little do we know, we are going to be asked to perform – right after some awesome African dancing and singing and some Irish step dancing done by the Irish guests. Cotton eyed Joe, anyone?

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Turkish Bath

Authentic Experience? I’m In! I’m learning to really love experiencing different cultures.  So when Teresa said she’d like to go to a Turkish Bath, I was immediately interested.  After all, what’s more Turkish than a Turkish Bath in Istanbul?  We’d been told it wasn’t like any spa we were used to.   Apparently traditional Turkish Baths […]

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Rosemary guest post ireland4
School events that celebrate diversity and fun!

Rosemary Gorman Morley, Language and Intercultural Trainer and Director of the Language of Service, provides great ideas on how your school can host events that are fun, educational, and encourage an appreciation of diverse cultures.

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Rosemary guest post ireland4

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