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Laos Kenya etc18
13 hr school day, future dreams, sharing the spirit of Thanksgiving

What is life like for children at the Nyumbani village? 13 hours school days, chores, dreams of chapati and meat for Christmas. Nyumbani is implementing many ideas to create economic opportunity and raise the standard of living in a sustainable way.

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Maria Theresia BBQ
Barbecue at Maria Theresia Orphanage

What happens when four teenagers and a mom try to make a BBQ for 80 kids in a foreign country and an unfamiliar kitchen…

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What’s for lunch/breakfast/dinner? Pizza.

Italy is a country breathtaking variety- but from our experience, not so much in the food department.

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naples city street
Naples – a “hood” but with character and friendliness?

6 unexpected discoveries about Naples. From the fact that it is nothing like we expected, to a 100+ yr old family pizzeria to garbage everywhere to people out and about sharing life with one another on their balconies and sidewalks.

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Paris dinner1
Budget travel in Paris and one fancy dinner

Budget travel in Paris is near impossible, but you can really cut the cost by eating plenty of baguettes and staying at a cozy little hostel with free breakfast. We did splurge on one french dinner and had a wonderful time – especially the kids who got chocolate cake covered in gold!

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Paris dinner1
Paris Eiffel Tower and Fancy Dinner

In Paris we were able to go to the Eiffel Tower.  When we were there we saw a lot of sketchy street vendors selling little tiny Eiffel Towers.  Some of them would sell them 4 for a Euro, 5 for a Euro, and even 6 for a Euro. Some were so desperate you could even […]

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Russia food Stroganoff1
Russian Food

Learn about food in Russia – what are traditional Russian dishes – how about street food or snacks sold to people in a rush on the subway? Guess what we saw for sale in a vending machine in the Moscow airport.

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Moscow – quick impressions so far

1) It’s so HOT and smokey here! Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 103. This is unusual and has touched off wildfires that have filled the air with smoke.  Some folks have taken to wearing surgical masks to prevent breathing in too much smoke.  We actually spent yesterday at the […]

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Grocery Store Adventure

This morning we ventured out into the city for the first time, and our first stop was the grocery store. Although there are obviously differences between supermarkets here and in America, all and all the two places had a lot in common. Differences included the amount of alcohol for sale- the store could have easily […]

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