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I win
I Am In Japan, And You Told Me I Would Melt, Which I Didn't. LIES!!!

Japan is fine and you guys kept freaking me out by saying I would melt or keel over from radiation poisoning. You said Tokyo was a ghost town, but there are definitely enough people to get me lost for a fair amount of time.

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Indian Culture: 10 Things You Might Not Have Known

From the way people eat to how they drive, a few of the cultural differences between the US and India.

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everyday life podcast kids in class1
A Day in the Life – video made by kids in the slums of Calcutta

The kids in our computer / video class made this incredible movie about their day to day lives and their dreams for the future.

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Podcast 2 thumbnail dino1
Podcast – Kalkota: teaching English for CI, science center, SAT and more

Our second week in Kalkota:volunteering for Children International – Sahay and exploring Kolkata

podcast Kolkata 23 Jan 2011

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teens at CI for thumbnail1
Our first podcast! Arriving in Kolkata to volunteer for Children International

podcast Kolkata 17 Jan 2011

Our action-packed first four days in Kolkata – visiting the Children International-Sahay sponsorship centers, meeting the children, seeing great performances, dress, internet and cell phone info, visiting the zoo, and teaching our first class, etc.

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1 Maasai village27
Found in a Maasai village!

We went to Lugulu, Kenya to learn to build biosand water filters and came away with friends for life.

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turning into an animated character??
A Day in Kitui, Kenya – complete with motorcycle rides!

Watch the video – food, fun, corn rows for Jennifer and motorcycle rides for all of us in Kitui. After living without much electricity, running water or internet access, and eating rice and beans at most every meal, this day in Kitui was a real treat!

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Nyumbani school b7
13 hr school day – from physics and math to extracting bull semen

School in Kenya – 13 hrs per day – 12 classes most days – pressure to past exams to continue – biology, physics and chemistry all in the same year – plus you have to know how to castrate a pig and collect semen from a bull – it’s tough!

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Kenya Chapati
Food at the Village

The chefs at the Guest House at the Nyumbani Village make sure we never go hungry! Read to learn what we’re eating day to day in Kenya

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Getting closer to our food – seeing a goat slaughtered for the first time

I’d never seen an animal slaughtered for my meal before, and it was quite and experience. Learn about the deep meaning applied to this act in traditional Kenyan culture and, for the braver soles out there, watch the video we recorded.

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