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We are the Bloganthropy Blog of the Month!

During our travel, we have connected with many other travel bloggers online and learned amazing things about both travel and how social media can inspire people to change the world around them. As we travel, volunteer, and blog about our experiences, we hope to give something back to the community that has welcomed us, as […]

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Boston Globe Article – Saturday July 31th, 2010

Thanks to journalist Joseph P. Kahn of the Boston Globe for covering our story. You can read the article here:

Courageous or Reckless?

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Five minutes on CNN

After rushing around, we were picked up in the car and taken to CNN, only when the driver dropped us off, we found ourselves in a mall, with nothing that looked like the CNN studio.  We found it a few doors down, waited for ID’s and were told to go upstairs. Upstairs they said, in […]

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