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austria Road Construction noch 4 km
Transportation in Europe

Although I certainly knew that there would be significant differences between America and Europe, I did not count on how different methods of transportation could be. Some things were similar no matter where we went- every city had a metro, for example- but others were surprisingly different. Bikes rule In Amsterdam, bikes were everywhere. Between […]

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How people travel: Small Boats via Waterways

For centuries, people have been using boats such as gondolas as public transportation. Boats of all sizes have been used in cities where waterways are the most direct route from place to place. Venice, Italy is one of the most well known cities for the use of Gondolas and they are still in use today, […]

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How people travel: Pack Animals

Pack animals or “beasts of burden” such as elephants, camels, donkeys, horses, and oxen have been used for transportation of both humans and goods for thousands of years.

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How people travel: On foot

One of the most obvious means of transportation in the world is walking! People have been walking to get where they need to go as long as humans have been around. Walking is popular in urban/city/village type settings because the necessities are located close enough that the distance is not a hassle. In fact, most […]

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How people travel: The Car

One of the most popular means of travel, especially in Western culture, is the car. There are over 600 million passenger cars worldwide and the number is only increasing.

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