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First Podcast from Quito with Meagan and Jennifer!

Meagan and I are currently in Quito, Ecuador and volunteering with Children International! Check out our podcast: we talk about our arrival, the culture, and our future plans while we’re here!

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We Need To Get Out More…

US vs Everyone else… the essay How many of you have ever traveled abroad?  Chances are that if you are American you have never been anywhere but stateside, and most likely never will be.  As a matter of fact, only 15-25% (depending on who you ask) of Americans even own a passport!  Comparatively, 60-70% of […]

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Our Motorbike Trip to Hue (or Bust!)

With two hours of motorbike experience, will two 18-year-olds make the ten hour trip to Hue and back in two days? They encounter rain, mountains, terrible maps, and much more on the way!

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Motorbikes in Cambodia

A short post on one of our most recent adventures: learning to ride motorbikes in Cambodia!

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My First Solo Ride in Madurai was Almost My Last!

Dave talks about his first solo rickshaw ride in India, and how it very well might’ve been the last thing he ever did!

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The Container Guest House
The 20’ container guest house

Doug Tilden’s past catches up with him as he lives in a 20′ container while on a project in Tanzania

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Nyumbani pics1
A Day of Home Visits

I get to tag along with the social workers of Nyumbani Village for a day, meeting and interviewing orphans that might get to come to the village soon!

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Nyumbani truck pics1
Video – Surviving the Canter Ride to Kitui

What’s it like to ride down a bumpy Kenyan dirt road in the back of a Canter? Watch this video and find out. It’s rainy season, so the truck has to go fast to avoid getting stuck in the mud :-)

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Camel Ride: An Up and Down Experience

Our short camel ride turned out to be an even more unique experience than we had planned for!

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germany 086
The First Rule of Travel: Go for it!

Discovering new places, and new types of places Bonn, Germany was a beautiful little city, and I only wish I had been able to explore more of it. Unfortunately administrative work had completely caught up with us at that point and we couldn’t waste the perfect internet that the hotel provided. I saw enough of […]

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germany 086

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