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The All-In-One Room

Picture your house (or apartment, or trailer, or box- whatever you’re currently living in).  How big is it? It has few bedrooms, a kitchen, maybe a dining room if you’re lucky?  I’m assuming you have at least one bathroom… that’s pretty standard, although most people have more.  If, for some reason, you’re having a hard […]

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Bella water sking post
Top Ten Water Skiing ‘Do Not’s’

WATER SKIING!!!! Who wants to know how many times I fell?! It’s pretty funny, let me tell you!!

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1 Maasai village27
Found in a Maasai village!

We went to Lugulu, Kenya to learn to build biosand water filters and came away with friends for life.

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1 biosand wwater filters b5
biosand water filters

Want to know how a biosand water filter gets bacteria and viruses out of water without electricity, using only water, sand and gravel…check this out…

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thumbnail thanksgiving1
Video: Thanksgiving at Nyumbani – check out the smiles and happiness you spread!

Enjoy the Nyumbani Thanksgiving celebration with us. We can’t thank you enough for making this a reality!

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Security Guard by Night, Environmental Watchdog by Day

Even the people in the village, who have next to nothing, give all they can to help others. We speak with Danlewis, a village security guard who also runs an environmental conservation group to protect the local Tiva River.

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Nyumbani water
Burning Water Tanks

Alex has found the perfect job at Nyumbani: Helping to construct water tanks!

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Nyumbani village post3
The Nyumbani Village – a brilliant concept that does a world of good!

Learn about life in the village – the brilliant ways they are striving to be completely sustainable and self-supporting, and what students at the NIAS school in Cairo, Egypt have already done to help the children of Nyumbani.

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Nyumbani village shoo shoos1
Surprise talent show at a remote village in Kenya – guess who has to perform!

We arrive at the Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya and are invited to a welcome assembly – little do we know, we are going to be asked to perform – right after some awesome African dancing and singing and some Irish step dancing done by the Irish guests. Cotton eyed Joe, anyone?

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Nyumbani Newsletter

I’ve been having a great time on the trip, learning and making memories that will last a lifetime!  But…  I cannot wait to get out of Europe!  As much fun as I’ve had going to all the trendy travel spots, I’m ready to get to the meat of the trip- the volunteering!  I want to […]

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