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Belize Succotz School 24
Building a school roof in Belize (and having a blast!)

How can you put a new roof on a school, integrate technology with laptops and wireless, create a library and conduct a cultural exchange for very little money? Great partnerships and community involvement! Find out what students in NC and Belize did to make their world a better place.

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evil laughing

The mosquitoes will learn, I will show them. I will win the war against mosquitoes across the globe, and I have discovered a way to make this goal possible. So watch out my blood sucking friends, you are about to be annihilated. 8D

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boys fishing1
VIDEO – thank you for making “Passports Village” possible!

Video of thanks from the Dalit people in Tamil Nadu, India. Thanks to your support, LAFTI, and PWP, 50 Dalit families are now able to build decent housing for themselves!

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CI Sahay Student Council5
CI-Sahay Youth Council gets it right!

We thought Children International-Sahay was helping disadvantaged kids in India – WRONG! – incredibly, they have taught them to help themselves. Ever worry about the fate of the younger generation? You will be excited to read about these incredible teens.

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Nyumbani pics1
A Day of Home Visits

I get to tag along with the social workers of Nyumbani Village for a day, meeting and interviewing orphans that might get to come to the village soon!

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thumbnail thanksgiving1
Video: Thanksgiving at Nyumbani – check out the smiles and happiness you spread!

Enjoy the Nyumbani Thanksgiving celebration with us. We can’t thank you enough for making this a reality!

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The Tale of a Goat a Girl and the Two-Legs

Have you ever wondered about death, well, here’s my perception of it all.

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HI THERE!!WANNA HERE ABOUT MILKING COWS?! I’M THE COW MILKER OF THE CENTURY!! (well, GOING to be the cow milker of the century)

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Nyumbani water
Burning Water Tanks

Alex has found the perfect job at Nyumbani: Helping to construct water tanks!

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Laos girl with pigtails smile thumbnail1
RTW music video debut – literacy project – let us know what you think!

Thoughts from the kids on our trip, pictures of our projects, the smiling faces of the children of Laos who will have access to the wonderful world of reading through Room to Read – watch one of the first music videos we’ve made – 2.5 minutes long.

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Laos girl with pigtails smile thumbnail1

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