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Video – working with Dalits (untouchables) in India with LAFTI

Check out this short video to learn more about the Dalit people and how they are overcoming the social injustice of the caste system. They are incredible people, and thanks in part to LAFTI, they are getting the opportunity to build better lives for themselves!

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Community Outreach

John Mike is volunteering at Nyumbani Village for six months, and shares his experiences there- from rescue visits for children in desperate need, to sharing a home with kittens, to seeing part of the village on fire.

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A Day of Home Visits

I get to tag along with the social workers of Nyumbani Village for a day, meeting and interviewing orphans that might get to come to the village soon!

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Video: Thanksgiving at Nyumbani – check out the smiles and happiness you spread!

Enjoy the Nyumbani Thanksgiving celebration with us. We can’t thank you enough for making this a reality!

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64¢ Thanksgiving

50 people giving $10 each = Thanksgiving dinner for 720 children orphaned by AIDS! 100 people giving $20 each will buy them all shoes for Christmas – they usually receive no presents at all. Please pass this on and give these kids a reason to celebrate!

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Lessons Learned in Home Care

What happens after to your hand-me-downs after you toss them into one of those parking lot donation bins? I unexpectedly find the answer, and am overwhelmed by the power of generosity as I sort through the village’s donation storage.

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Think you don’t have the resources to make a real difference? Read this!

The village pulls together to support a primary school in Kitui. The children who have little free time, spend their entire Saturday traveling and performing at a fundraiser. In church, they dance and sing for all they have any raise another $15 for the school…incredible! $15 makes a world of difference

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The Nyumbani Village – a brilliant concept that does a world of good!

Learn about life in the village – the brilliant ways they are striving to be completely sustainable and self-supporting, and what students at the NIAS school in Cairo, Egypt have already done to help the children of Nyumbani.

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Getting closer to our food – seeing a goat slaughtered for the first time

I’d never seen an animal slaughtered for my meal before, and it was quite and experience. Learn about the deep meaning applied to this act in traditional Kenyan culture and, for the braver soles out there, watch the video we recorded.

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13 hr school day, future dreams, sharing the spirit of Thanksgiving

What is life like for children at the Nyumbani village? 13 hours school days, chores, dreams of chapati and meat for Christmas. Nyumbani is implementing many ideas to create economic opportunity and raise the standard of living in a sustainable way.

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