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A student and school make a difference

Round the World's model is built on the premise that everyone can make a difference. A small contribution channeled into sustainable projects can have sustainable impacts that reach far beyond the initial contribution. This is the story of how one young student and her school decided to make that difference is people's lives half way around the world. The […]

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Thank You for Your Support in India!

Thanks to your support, our project to build houses and give land to Dalit people and to help fund the health education program for sponsored children in Calcutta. We have several posts and videos about theses projects that we hope you’ll enjoy!

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Laos children needs cropping
War through the eyes of a 5 yr-old, strength of the human spirit, and new school opens!

What can we learn from a 5 yr-old? – a unique perspective on war and the endurance of the human spirit. It is the love, joy and spirit of the Cambodian people that make us so grateful to you for donating enough to fund a new primary school for them! Stay tuned for news of the opening ceremony of the Ian Tilden School on April 7th and 8th!

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everyday life podcast kids in class1
A Day in the Life – video made by kids in the slums of Calcutta

The kids in our computer / video class made this incredible movie about their day to day lives and their dreams for the future.

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The All-In-One Room

Picture your house (or apartment, or trailer, or box- whatever you’re currently living in).  How big is it? It has few bedrooms, a kitchen, maybe a dining room if you’re lucky?  I’m assuming you have at least one bathroom… that’s pretty standard, although most people have more.  If, for some reason, you’re having a hard […]

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boys fishing1
VIDEO – thank you for making “Passports Village” possible!

Video of thanks from the Dalit people in Tamil Nadu, India. Thanks to your support, LAFTI, and PWP, 50 Dalit families are now able to build decent housing for themselves!

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everyday life podcast thumbnail3
Podcast – behind the scenes look at a poverty in Kolkata

podcast Kolkata 30 Jan 2011

Podcast – get a behind the scenes feel for everyday life in the poorer neighborhoods of Kolkata as we are invited to the homes of some of the CI-Sahay sponsored children. Also, taxis, street markets, Grand Hotel buffet, our English, video and crafts classes and more.

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Podcast 2 thumbnail dino1
Podcast – Kalkota: teaching English for CI, science center, SAT and more

Our second week in Kalkota:volunteering for Children International – Sahay and exploring Kolkata

podcast Kolkata 23 Jan 2011

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Meeting Our Sponsored Child- And Why Sponsoring is Worth It!

Different than I Expected My introduction to the inner workings of Children International was not what I was expecting. Before we arrived in Calcutta to begin working with the organization, I found out that CI has community centers all over India that handle the tasks associated with caring for sponsored children. These centers run health […]

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teens at CI for thumbnail1
Our first podcast! Arriving in Kolkata to volunteer for Children International

podcast Kolkata 17 Jan 2011

Our action-packed first four days in Kolkata – visiting the Children International-Sahay sponsorship centers, meeting the children, seeing great performances, dress, internet and cell phone info, visiting the zoo, and teaching our first class, etc.

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