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everyday life podcast kids in class1
A Day in the Life – video made by kids in the slums of Calcutta

The kids in our computer / video class made this incredible movie about their day to day lives and their dreams for the future.

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evil laughing

The mosquitoes will learn, I will show them. I will win the war against mosquitoes across the globe, and I have discovered a way to make this goal possible. So watch out my blood sucking friends, you are about to be annihilated. 8D

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Meeting Our Sponsored Child- And Why Sponsoring is Worth It!

Different than I Expected My introduction to the inner workings of Children International was not what I was expecting. Before we arrived in Calcutta to begin working with the organization, I found out that CI has community centers all over India that handle the tasks associated with caring for sponsored children. These centers run health […]

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CI Sahay Student Council5
CI-Sahay Youth Council gets it right!

We thought Children International-Sahay was helping disadvantaged kids in India – WRONG! – incredibly, they have taught them to help themselves. Ever worry about the fate of the younger generation? You will be excited to read about these incredible teens.

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teens at CI for thumbnail1
Our first podcast! Arriving in Kolkata to volunteer for Children International

podcast Kolkata 17 Jan 2011

Our action-packed first four days in Kolkata – visiting the Children International-Sahay sponsorship centers, meeting the children, seeing great performances, dress, internet and cell phone info, visiting the zoo, and teaching our first class, etc.

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Kenya Pictures 726
Community Outreach

John Mike is volunteering at Nyumbani Village for six months, and shares his experiences there- from rescue visits for children in desperate need, to sharing a home with kittens, to seeing part of the village on fire.

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Kenya news06
What’s the news in Kenya?!?

Politics, sports and exams, to anti-corruption, Obama, world news, living with AIDS, the changing roles of women and men, lifestyle columns, sweepstakes, and more…but what impressed me most was a general message to readers: “Get involved and do your part!

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Nyumbani village shoo shoos1
Surprise talent show at a remote village in Kenya – guess who has to perform!

We arrive at the Nyumbani Village in Kitui, Kenya and are invited to a welcome assembly – little do we know, we are going to be asked to perform – right after some awesome African dancing and singing and some Irish step dancing done by the Irish guests. Cotton eyed Joe, anyone?

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A shot in the arm – not a good thing if it is the WRONG shot!

Having only experienced the US health care system, with lots of red tape, double checking, and regulations, I was enjoying the more relaxed systems of other countries, until…

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