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HI THERE!!WANNA HERE ABOUT MILKING COWS?! I’M THE COW MILKER OF THE CENTURY!! (well, GOING to be the cow milker of the century)

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Nyumbani village post3
The Nyumbani Village – a brilliant concept that does a world of good!

Learn about life in the village – the brilliant ways they are striving to be completely sustainable and self-supporting, and what students at the NIAS school in Cairo, Egypt have already done to help the children of Nyumbani.

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Exploring World Issues Through Games

How do you teach children about the economic, political, environmental, and human rights issues surrounding the oil industry? Turn it all into a game, of course! The merits of using games to teach hard subjects.

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Nuclear reactor France
Nuclear Power Issues and Thoughts

Learn about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear safety. Which country gets 80% of their power from nuclear power sources? Find out about nuclear weapons and more when you read my report.

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Nuclear reactor France

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