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Please help people in Japan recover from the earthquake!

Give $5 to Round the World with Us for Japan Red Cross Earthquake Relief and we’ll send you a super-awesome “We Are One” charity bracelet. Please click “give” on the home page to donate now!

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I win
I Am In Japan, And You Told Me I Would Melt, Which I Didn't. LIES!!!

Japan is fine and you guys kept freaking me out by saying I would melt or keel over from radiation poisoning. You said Tokyo was a ghost town, but there are definitely enough people to get me lost for a fair amount of time.

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everyday life podcast kids in class1
A Day in the Life – video made by kids in the slums of Calcutta

The kids in our computer / video class made this incredible movie about their day to day lives and their dreams for the future.

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The All-In-One Room

Picture your house (or apartment, or trailer, or box- whatever you’re currently living in).  How big is it? It has few bedrooms, a kitchen, maybe a dining room if you’re lucky?  I’m assuming you have at least one bathroom… that’s pretty standard, although most people have more.  If, for some reason, you’re having a hard […]

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evil laughing

The mosquitoes will learn, I will show them. I will win the war against mosquitoes across the globe, and I have discovered a way to make this goal possible. So watch out my blood sucking friends, you are about to be annihilated. 8D

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CI Sahay Student Council5
CI-Sahay Youth Council gets it right!

We thought Children International-Sahay was helping disadvantaged kids in India – WRONG! – incredibly, they have taught them to help themselves. Ever worry about the fate of the younger generation? You will be excited to read about these incredible teens.

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The Tale of a Goat a Girl and the Two-Legs

Have you ever wondered about death, well, here’s my perception of it all.

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Kenya news06
What’s the news in Kenya?!?

Politics, sports and exams, to anti-corruption, Obama, world news, living with AIDS, the changing roles of women and men, lifestyle columns, sweepstakes, and more…but what impressed me most was a general message to readers: “Get involved and do your part!

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Security Guard by Night, Environmental Watchdog by Day

Even the people in the village, who have next to nothing, give all they can to help others. We speak with Danlewis, a village security guard who also runs an environmental conservation group to protect the local Tiva River.

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Laos Kenya etc14
Sunsets, Stargazing, and Scorpions

Read about some of the surprising (pleasant and unpleasant) aspects of staying at the Nyumbani Village in Kenya.

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Laos Kenya etc14

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